Rimas Uzgiris’ Translation of Paulius Norvila

calm harbor

you are
the wrapping of a mummy,
the hay on a hay cutter,
melting autumns,
burning farms.

tell me, from where,
tell me, how
lakes become rivers,
september october.

tell me, from where
the traveling monks arrive,
when monolithic distances
crumble between fingers.

tell me, from where,
tell me, whether you’ll sleep
inside my guitar case,
inside my harbor of sorrow.

you are just
the falling snow,
the baying hounds,
how much is left after evening,
when the morning is already gone.

Translation of “ramybės uostas” by Paulius Norvila
from Septyni Metų Laikai, Vilnius: Tyto Alba (2006).

ramybės uostas

tu tik
tvarstis ant mumijos,
šienas ant šienpjovio,
tirpstantys rudenys,
degantys vienkiemai.

pasakyk man, iš kur,
pasakyk man, ar gali
ežerai virsti upėm
ir rugsėjis į spalį.

pasakyk man, iš kur
atkeliauja vienuoliai,
kai subyra tarp pirštų
monoitiniai toliai.

pasakyk man, iš kur,
pasakyk, ar miegosi
mano dėkle gitaros,
mano liūdesio uoste.

tu tik
krintantis sniegas,
kaukiantys šunys,
kiek po vakaro lieka,
kai jau ryto neturim.

Norvila, Paulius. Septyni metų laikai: eilėraščiai. – V.: Tyto alba, 2006.


should animals be used for research essayPaulius Norvila is a twenty-seven year old poet from Lithuania whose first collection, Septyni Metų Laikai (“Seven Seasons”), was well received when it was published in Vilnius in 2006. His second collection of poetry was released this year.





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