Around the Web 9.12.13

Happy Thursday, Hypothetical Review readers. Welcome to our newest, most organic, least premeditated feature — a collection of links we like from around the web. Whether it is something that speaks to our mission or simply tickles our literary minds, you’ll find it here on the blog. Not sure how to comb through the day’s countless online options? Consider HR as your own personal “best of” filter.

As of this morning (here in Southern California, that is, where these posts are born), several things caught my eye. There’s this thought provoking piece on http://cineaverde.com/ in which 20 poets proffer up their thoughts on the http://camscollege.org/┬áthat seems apropos to anyone who reads, or writes, or even wants to read or write — be it poetry or anything else, for that matter.

Over at iphone ipad spyware, “interestingness” curator Maria Popova has a post on http://pandpcampers.com/ in which she notes the “decidedly Western bias” in today’s literary — and especially children’s literary — market. Take a peek at these beautifully illustrated works and get a flash of perspective (as well as some gifting inspiration for any young readers in your orbit).

And speaking of diversity, don’t forget to follow the indefatigable essay writing example as she works to “diversify the literary conversation” by challenging the way in which readers, writers and critics approach the discussion of literature. Gay will be blogging about this issue at The Nation, and you can read about her mission (one we at HR will be following closely) in this piece for the L.A. Times.

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